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All the time in the world by JayManney4Life All the time in the world by JayManney4Life
One of the most.. interesting characters of the Kitsunja series of the Mobius Super Sentai, Usagimimi Miyamoto, or just Usamimi to friends, is the guardian of the Little Planet (as in the tiny planet from Sonic CD), and the one who entrusts the Time Stones to the Kitsunja team. She is both advisor and ally to them, as well as having an interesting past in her own right, especially considering she has links to not only this team, but to certain members of the Sonic V team, the Darkspine team, and a certain comic book warrior from the 90s. But perhaps I've said too much. =P

Usamimi © :iconarmorkabuto: and myself
pic, as always © me! =D
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Gushousekai195 Featured By Owner May 16, 2008
Is that a keyblade?
Elven-Dreamer Featured By Owner May 16, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
No signs and 88miles per hour needed for her. Whee yes that was a Sonic CD refference crossed with a back to the future refference all thrown into a blender and hit Frappe.

Hope you are feelinng better Jay
Apple-Rings Featured By Owner May 15, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
She kinda reminds me of Sailor Pluto somehow. Usamimi looks so beautiful.
MathiasMeioh Featured By Owner May 15, 2008
Seeing old character names resurface in later works always makes me giddy with delight. This one, in particular, has gotten quite the promotion. =P

As for critique... her right arm has no discernible elbow, and her staff must be exceptionally light for her to readily hold it up one-handed (not to mention I see the actual center of mass as being one hand higher).
RaynarBrusk Featured By Owner May 15, 2008
I know you do a lot of pun titles, but this time I really expected to see George Lazenby as James Bond.
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